Dre Williams – Silent Night 2 (Mixtape)


Dre Williams drops a new mixtape titled “Silent Night 2”. Features include Kidd Remedii, Reese Gardner, Tae Rose, J-Dub. Enjoy.

Read more for tracklist and download link.

1.Silent Night (Intro)
2.Fantasize (Ft. Kiid Remedii)
3.Intervention (Ft. J-Dub)
4.Meet Jodi (Hypnosis Interlude)
5.Awake (Ft. Reese Gardner)
6.Talk Too Much (Ft. Kiid Remedii)
7.Poetic Justice (Ft. Tae Rose)
8.Everything (Prod. Bluwoe)
9.I Will Be Heard (Hypnosis Interlu
10.Scenery (Ft. Kiid Remedii)
11.Dream On (Prod. Extraordinary)
12.Indo Smoke (Prod. Johnny Juliano)
13.Lovely Day (Ft. Kiid Remedii)
14.Growing Apart (Ft. J-Dub) (Cover)
15.Your Mind’s Eye (Hypnosis Interlu
16.Distance (Letter to a Beautiful Girl)
17.Silent Night (Outro)

DOWNLOAD LINK : Dre Williams – Silent Night 2 (Mixtape)


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